In Lieu of Flowers

Wouldn't it be neat if the people that you meet had shoes upon their feet and something to eat? And wouldn't it be fine if all humankind had shelter? --Wavy Gravy

Bill would love to know he inspired people to directly take action to alleviate poverty. We found two organizations who helped to this end, not perfectly, but better than many others we've seen--Oxfam America and Kiva. And now thanks to one of Bill's favorite guys ever, Tony Martin, there is another--Seva, which restores sight to the blind poor.

Bill and I came to believe a different kind of world is possible--a world where people matter and money is an afterthought. We invite you to explore these ideas in a reading room which will provide more information on this idea, for those who would like to explore it.

Enter Name: Bill Foltyn
Event Date runs until January 2016

Each item in his registry lists 100 or so quantity. That is so multiple people can get the same item. Just adjust the quantity to what you would like to purchase.

If, for some reason, you cannot find his registry, click here the full catalog.


"To be fully human, we must translate our compassion and concern into useful service."

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