Business Most Unusual - Cronies He Loved

About a month ago, Bill spoke on the phone to Bob Graham. When the call was over, Bill seemed to transform into joy. "I feel SO happy," he said. "I want to live! I want to go out and work and live again!"

Just a few days before he died, he got that same spirit, when, in the morning on awaking, he told me that he had dreamed about Pranav Parikh, and Gerard Zimmerlin, and Bob Graham and said that he wanted to write them each a letter. I am so sorry that we did not actually get the chance to make that happen.

I thank you all for being Bill's dearest friends. You were a part of his life that he truly loved and always remembered.

Thank you in no particular order to Kaiser Sultan, Charles Scanio, Pranav Parikh, Gerard Zimmerlin, Linda Crosby, Bob Graham, Mike Kitago, Dwight Pogue, Jack Kahan, Mr. Kim (R.I.P.), Sun Min Kim, Al Deutsch (R.I.P. 2011), Zbigniew Sobczak, Mrs. Go, Joe Pugliese, Francisco Solis, Go Go Johnny (R.I.P.), Chris Custon, and to those others whose names I may not recall for the moment, but whose friendship Bill cherished.

Bill recently with Diane's son, Dominick, hard at work at the company.

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