Care of Hearts and Souls - Bill's Medical Team

I would like to thank all the people who cared for Bill, now and over the years. You made him feel very special. He could not have regained his confidence and desire to progress without you all.

To all the doctors, nurses, techs, maintenance folks, and staff who made my husband's time in Newark Beth Israel Hospital the pleasure it often was. To all his dental care practitioners whom he also cared for and to the therapists who focused on helping him reach his potential.

Never to be forgotten, and just one example among many: On the night of Bill's LVAD exchange, Tony and Donna made sure I could stay with him. They went to Dr. Baran, who personally came and told me I was welcomed to stay with Bill even in the Critical Care Unit.

A typical exchange: Bill's last nurse was Rosabelle (C8). He asked her, "Do you remember me?" She replied "Of course I remember you. How could anyone ever forget you?"

I won't name anymore names of those who made Bill feel at home in the hospital beyond that little snippet. Because I fear I could miss remembering one name somewhere, and every single one of you should be remembered. Every time Bill came to B6, where he spent a lot of time, I watched his face and he lit up. In a hospital. My husband was genuinely happy to be there to see you all. You took such good care of him. Techs, nurses, aides, maintenance people--all of you. He loved you all so much for the kindness and care that you gave, that when we were about to welcome a student to live with us and help out, he said, "I like her. She reminds me of the people at the hospital."

P.S. Tony Martin will have to wait for his million dollars. Though he deserves it. :-)

Abby will have to represent you all:

Dr Goldschmidt

Donna Blicharz

Dr. Zucker

Dr. Baran

Dr. Camacho

Dr. Casella
Lisa Hanna

Sharon and Heather

Not pictured, among many....

Dr. Hochbaum
Dr. Guererra
Kate Keller-Warner, NP with Dr. Goldschmidt whose kind, caring nature will always be remembered.
Dr. Duddy, Bill's dentist
Dr. Riley, who works with Dr. Casella
John and Nicole
JFK-Johnnson therapists, nurses, technicians, and staff

Thank you all...

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